How to Support SHANTI

We truly appreciate any kind of help. You will help us if you:

  • Tell your friends and other people you know about us
    The more people get to know SHANTI, the more Nepali kids can get the support and we might even find sources to rebuild the school!
  • Make a donation
    Your donation can be used for several  purposes. You can contribute to buy pedagogical aids such as CD player for English lessons, dictionaries, maps, thematic charts, etc. All the aids will be bought in Nepal as the prices there are much lower than in Europe. You can also donate to help us rebuild the school. Apart from general reconstruction it is urgent to build new toilettes and change the tinned roof, which makes teaching and learning during the monsoon periods impossible. We will also appreciate any donation for running our NGO (administrative, postage, printing etc.)
  • Sponsor a child
    Ideally you will support your child until they finish their lower-secondary level – until they complete the 8th Class. By the donation of 2000 Czech Crowns / 80 Euro you will adopt a child for one school year (which starts in April). At the same time you will cover the costs necessary to transport the materials directly to the child. We do not send any money to the parents or guardians of your child – we buy the items for much cheaper price in Nepal either on our own or Ramjalam Thakur, our “Nepali agent” and friend does.
  • Come to Nepal and teach at the Pancha Kochi public school
    If you are into volunteering in Nepal, do not hesitate and contact us. If you have pedagogical experience of any kind and can help with the Nepali teachers with methodology, you are exactly the one we are looking for. If you have no experience in teaching, you are most welcome as well! We can equip you with the basic principles and will help you understand what an intercultural working experience might bring about. The length and conditions of your stay at Pancha Kochi is a matter of both sides´ agreement after a meeting in person. 
  • Allow us give a lecture, make a presentation or hold a cultural event
    We are eager to introduce Nepal in Czech schools, to broaden the scope of students´s knowledge of Nepal and India, to share our travel experience, to present what a voluntary job is about. The contents of the programme may be completed with lots of authentic visual materials, debate, workshop, experiential pedagogy course with intercultural issues or according to your own ideas.

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