Who We Are


Mgr. Šárka Starobová

Šárka is a French teacher, she loves yoga, travelling and mainly meeting new people, and she loves being inspired by it all. In the future, she would like to establish and orphanage house in Pokhara.


Mgr. Hanka Vránová

Hanka is an English and Music teacher. She was working in projects with Doctors without Borders in Africa and Middle East. She loves ayurveda, singing and meeting new cultures.



Mgr. Zuzana Paseková

Zuzana is an English teacher, she loves travelling and simple life. She does yoga, she meditates, she reads, listens to music and dances to it and she is happy.



Core Shanti volunteers:

Romen Sunar

Romen is a kind-hearted person who takes care of us in Nepal with love and helps anytime and anywhere. As for the smile, he can easily compete with Ram. Romen helps us to handle the more difficult situations with lightness. He makes living by selling beautiful macramee art. 


Ramjalam Thakur

Ram is a pure soul with the most beautiful smile in the world. He helps wherever and whenever he can and he does not expect anything back. He likes Bollywood films and motorbikes, which he hires out to the tourists together with his dad in Pokhara. Ram´s mum is a great cooking teacher.



Petr Pospíchal
Petr is a professional photographer and film maker. Check out his documentaries about Nepal – A Girl from the Ricefield (about Asmita who he supports through our NGO), and Back2Epicentre about the earthquake in 2015. He is very much into the latest trend of using drones for taking photos and filming.




Devi Timilsina
Devi is an IT specialist who supports his family business, a travel agency Vintage travels in Pokhara. He is a very clever and responsible young gentleman.


Our volunteers: Alice Koudelková, Janko Halaša, Lída Leinveberová, Tarun Sharma,  Zdeněk Mičunek, Igor Kiss, Romen Sunar, Alena Konečná, Jan Pavczek, Silvie Koudelková
2016: Tereza Čapková, Hanka Vránová
2017: Jana Sikorová, Marcello Martins, Renátka Staňková, Alexandr Gebauer, Honza Staněk, Markéta Blažková






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