The idea of the non-profit organisation SHANTI arose during our travel adventure in India and Nepal in 2011. We participated in the voluntary projects (Czech NGOs Brontosaurus and Nepálčata), we acted and helped in an orphan house (Vision Nepal), and visited a community of Tibetan refugees in Pokhara, Nepal. These experiences made us found our own NGO.

Thanks to our stay in Nepal we have learned that happiness lies within fully living the moments regardless of what we possess. The Nepalese can naturally do so; they do not depend on material support from the West.

Nevertheless, we have decided to support an area which is close to our own and in which we find such help useful. We support the poorest children in a village community Pancha Kochi under the Annapurna massif.


SHANTI projects:

  • we arrange distant adoptions to support school attendance
  • we assist volunteers with pedagogical education and/or practical pedagogical experience to come to Nepal and teach in the village public school
  • we help Nepali teachers with further education in methodology
  • we equip the school with pedagogical aids
  • we help with the school reconstruction
  • we give lectures on Nepal and India at Czech schools we do fundraising by means of cultural events

    For any news or updates, please visit our FB pages.

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